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College of Court Reporting is very proud of its outstanding and dedicated staff. Their hard work has contributed to CCR's success and is known for its strong philosophy of hands-on approach to assisting students with their education. They care about each student individually, which adds to the family atmosphere you'll experience at CCR.

Admissions and Recruitment

Nicky Rodriquez, Director of Admissions - nicky.rodriquez@ccr.edu
Carlette Jennings, Marketing Coordinator - carlette.jennings@ccr.edu

Educational Services

Kay Moody, Director of Education - kay.moody@ccr.edu
Janet Noel, Director of Faculty and Curriculum Development - janet.noel@ccr.edu
Chris Kostbade - Student Success Coordinator - chris.kostbade@ccr.edu

Financial Assistance and Student Services

Director of Financial Aid, Financial Aid Officer, Call Center, Financial Aid Processor - fasolutions@ccr.edu - 219-255-4519
Mindi Billings, Director of Student Services/Certifying Official for VA Benefits - mindi.billings@ccr.edu

Regulatory Compliance

Natalie Kijurna, Director of Compliance/Title IX Coordinator - natalie.kijurna@ccr.edu

Technology and Human Resources

Melissa Lee, Instructor - melissa.lee@ccr.edu
Jeff Moody, President/Executive Director - jeff.moody@ccr.edu
Tim Moody, Director of Information Technology and Human Relations - tim.moody@ccr.edu


College News

  • Carmen James photo1

    Tales from the Internship

    By: Carmen James - CCR High Speed Steno Student     Hello CCR family. I had an amazing opportunity during my internship that I would love to share with all of you.   On August 29th through the 31st I got to sit in on a ve ...

    by Natalie Kijurna
    Wednesday, 15 November 2023
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